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How to make changes to your existing listing  

NOTE: To protect your listing, no changes will be accepted from resubmitted partial forms, from any email correspondence or from any format outside the following procedure:   

Simply re-submit the entire listing.  Older submissions will be automatically deleted and replaced with your newer one.  All listing get reviewed and approved before the changes show up online.

HINT: If you open two browser windows, side by side, (one with the new blank form and one with your existing listing) you can highlight information from within your existing listing and then cut and paste it into the new submission form. 

NOTES: Keep in mind the following:

  • Repetitious entries will not be allowed.
  • Forms submitted using "ALL CAPITAL LETTERS" will not be considered.
  • Since listings are alphabetically based (by Country, then State/Region/Province, then City) if you do not list one of these items or an invalid entry your listing will automatically be moved to the very end of the result lists as blank fields get a "z" by default. 
  • Complete as many fields as desired and some are required.
  • The text you enter is the "exact way" your listing will be displayed on our listing pages.
  • Check your spelling!
  • If you list an incorrect email address then people will not be able to contact you by email.
  • Your email address will be seen online in the database results but cannot be seen by spam collectors or harvesters.
  • Anyone submitting to our database listings will be added to our own internal mailing list.
  • If you would like higher visibility on our pages see our banners and sponsors page for more information.  

Thank you for your support and interest. 

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